Chris Gurreri

Hi Rich and Chris, The guitar arrived this past Thursday....and in typical fashion, I pulled into my development as a Fedex Home Delivery truck was leaving. I drove up the hill and into my garage......found the delivery sticker on my front door and cursed the gods for not giving me just five minutes. Joking aside, I ended up being home in time to sign the next day and was grinning ear to ear after opening the box. But I have to be honest......being a guitar player is a fickle thing....there was the worry of "buyers remorse" in the back of my mind since the very day I sent my down payment......and mainly that was in the form of two things: number one, the neck of the guitar wouldn't feel comfortable, and two, the sound of the guitar and it's pickups wouldn't be what I was expecting. That being said, I was not disappointed in the least......but in fact was more than impressed with what I received. This is the first time I've picked up a new guitar and felt like I've played it a million times before.....the fretboard is smooth and fast, and really lively. You already know this because you built it, but I've tried countless other brands in stores and I always walk away because the necks are really sub par. As for the electronics.......the clarity and the balance of the pickup combinations is really nice......about medium to medium high output......not low output and sterile, or high output either. The pickups have a nice bite at all volume you model them after something in particular, or are they wound to match the specific guitar they're going into? Anyhow.....perhaps I can send you a review for the website, or you can use quotes from this email....I will be gigging with it in about two weeks.....I'm playing acoustic gigs until then. I could send another review for your website or through thegearapge if you'd like. Thanks again,