Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know the results of my extended review period of my Rice partscaster....AMAZING!!! I recently purchased a guitar custom built for another customer with some unusual specifications...many of which were appealing to me. The neck on this guitar was just outrageously large and just unwieldy for my average size hands (and tiny thumbs....sometimes we are tortured at birth ). Rich Rice offered to reshape the neck to my liking and boy did he ever!!!! This was not some run of the mill machine shop build to a number sort of job. This was a shape it till it felt perfect kind of job. I've played this guitar non-stop for two plus weeks (I took it on vacation with me much to the chagrin of my wife ) and I'm just in love with it. The guys at Rice Guitars spent hours working with me and getting things right (not just right...perfect). I can not recommend these guys any stronger....I have had really amazing direct experiences with a handful of amazing builders (Nick at Rocketfire, Ben Fargen, Andy Fuchs, to name a few), and Rich and Chris are right there with the top of the heap!!! Thanks again guys for making my guitar great and I'll be watching your site for a future build to steal from someone else . Cheers,