Instrument Serialization

How do these serial numbers work? Why are there some long and some short? Why doesn’t my guitar have a number on it?

If the instrument in question has a 6-digit number, it follows the format YYMMXX, where XX is the sequential order for that month. Guitars are numbered upon completion. 150703 would be the third instrument completed in July 2015.

The older 3-digit system is (very) roughly chronological, with numbers assigned at the sale of a guitar in the early years and at the start of a project in the later years. There is roughly a 6-month period of overlap with the newer 6-digit system as we completed older builds alongside the new versions.

Some instruments bear no serial number, and a very few bear a number that does not fit the system. These instruments DO have numbers within the 3-digit system, assigned retroactively. If you have one of these instruments and need information about it, please do not hesitate to contact us. Especially if it’s one that doesn’t have photos in the gallery and you wouldn’t mind taking a few! In the early years, we weren’t concerned about serial numbers, referring to the guitars by description and making up a number if someone needed it. Keeping it all correct in memory became a problem when we reached ~40 instruments, so the three digit system was implemented and filled out into the past. This was fine until the numbered order became nearly meaningless (#205 was completed over nine months before #150). Something had to give, so the six digit system was started in 2015. The systems overlap for roughly the last six months of 2015. If in doubt, ask!

Rice Customized instruments are not currently serialized.