Refinishing and reconfiguring a solidbody bass

As fate would have it, I didn’t plan on blogging this- but it seemed to be of interest to a number of folks.. So…


I didn’t get a shot of the bass as it arrived, but took some pics as the stripping was in progress..


This strong color wanted to soak into the white wood- going to a dark color would be simple, but going to a sunburst finish requires extremely clean wood, at least where the amber center will be.

Much hand sanding was necessary, along with some judicious scraping, raising the grain with water, and resanding to remove the color without contaminating the new wood surface. To chemically remove the green would have been much quicker, but would have made a lighter color impossible.

20140731_175537 20140805_101952 20140805_101934 20140801_112234 20140801_112223

Eventually, the surfaces were pretty good.

Then I sharpened up a bent chisel to razor sharpness, and went after the detailed area inside the control cavity. This also needed to be immaculate, or the green could creep into the new finish.

20140806_080324 20140806_080749 20140806_080742


Nice, clean lines now..





The fit of the cover plate looks great..



First coat of sanding sealer applied to the back and edges of the body. This will bring out any spots that may have been missed, and begin building the substrate for the ‘burst. A couple of minor spots will be resanded, and a second seal coat applied..


Overall, it’s almost ready for color. We will be reconfiguring the bridge pickup before going to paint, this has all been preliminary work. In the meantime, I’ll coat the front with sealer and allow the lacquer to dry overnight.

More to come!  😉