Personality of an Instrument?

We often refer to “personality” when discussing characteristics of a given instrument. It may seem strange to some, as assigning personality traits to an inanimate object defies logic. On the other hand, in some ways this is really a way to convey the way it looks, sounds, feels, plays. Some can be very smooth talkers, […]

Quality vs. Quantity

Or, to use a popular phrase, “What difference does it make?” Fair question. I’ll admit I have 20/20 hindsight. Then again, I have (hopefully) learned a fair measure of stuff over the past fifty years of playing, performing, modding, and building instruments. If I had known earlier, I could have saved myself a boatload of […]

Reflections and ramblings..

Each Rice instrument is the result of careful planning and many hours of diligent handwork.  These are not banged out in a factory environment, but carefully built from scratch by two musicians who have a cohesive viewpoint on what an instrument should be, how it should feel in hand, how it should sound. A finely […]

RCG Neck Shapes and Options

We shape all of our necks by hand, and there has been much variance over the years as most instruments are built to order for a particular player’s hands. Just about every neck we’ve built fits within the following four size and shape descriptions, allowing a convenient way to compare necks without having them in […]

Instrument Serialization

How do these serial numbers work? Why are there some long and some short? Why doesn’t my guitar have a number on it? If the instrument in question has a 6-digit number, it follows the format YYMMXX, where XX is the sequential order for that month. Guitars are numbered upon completion. 150703 would be the […]