Rice Custom Guitars
"At the intersection of art and craft is where you find an instrument
that speaks to you; one that can connect your heart to your music."

Rice Custom Guitars is a family owned musical instrument company, and we
strive to build instruments that rival and surpass the finest pieces ever made.
Every Rice Custom is handmade in Chicago by Chris and Rich Rice.

The vast majority of our instruments are built to order, and we work closely with our
clients to create their ultimate instrument. Being a true custom shop, we are not bound
to existing styles or ideas, and this is certainly the way dreams are turned into reality.

"Ready to hear the Truth? Play a Rice Custom."
---Rich Rice---Chris Rice---

My Rice tele is 1.05" all the way from nut to last fret...Once I went fat I will never go back (only applies to guitar necks and tone). My other guitars with medium C necks feel like toys after I got used to that big neck. I have noticed less hand fatigue, fat tone and sustain, and I tend to pull fretted notes sharp less often.
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