Rice Custom Guitars
"At the intersection of art and craft is where you find an instrument
that speaks to you; one that can connect your heart to your music."

Rice Custom Guitars is a family owned musical instrument company, and we
strive to build instruments that rival and surpass the finest pieces ever made.
Every Rice Custom is handmade in Chicago by Chris and Rich Rice.

The vast majority of our instruments are built to order, and we work closely with our
clients to create their ultimate instrument. Being a true custom shop, we are not bound
to existing styles or ideas, and this is certainly the way dreams are turned into reality.

"Ready to hear the Truth? Play a Rice Custom."
---Rich Rice---Chris Rice---

Hi Rich (and Chris, when back from honeymoon :-) , by now I've spent some hours playing the #124, and I'll take it to a jam session tonight. I'm really impressed - it feels, looks, plays and sounds great. I love the feel of the neck. There seem to be no dead spots, fantastic sustain all over the place. Playing with correct intonations on the frets is not as easy as, say, on my 1990s strat, but the reward is great sound and expression. It's a very vibrant guitar, can be almost explosive. The killswitch does it's job perfectly, all three middle-positions of the PU selector have their own distinct and very usable sound. D-tuner works fine, it does slightly detune the A string, too, but I guess that's inevitable with a tele bridge. The bass cut side of the tone control is still to subtle for my taste, but Christ already pointed out that this is due to technical restraints of the dual pot (offering only 500k instead of 1meg of resistance). The traditional tone control (hi cut) side works perfectly. I also love the fact that the guitar has such a light weight. I'll post my experiences and maybe some clips on TGP in a couple of days. Best wishes, - Sascha
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