Rice Custom Guitars
"At the intersection of art and craft is where you find an instrument
that speaks to you; one that can connect your heart to your music."

Rice Custom Guitars is a family owned musical instrument company, and we
strive to build instruments that rival and surpass the finest pieces ever made.
Every Rice Custom is handmade in Chicago by Chris and Rich Rice.

The vast majority of our instruments are built to order, and we work closely with our
clients to create their ultimate instrument. Being a true custom shop, we are not bound
to existing styles or ideas, and this is certainly the way dreams are turned into reality.

"Ready to hear the Truth? Play a Rice Custom."
---Rich Rice---Chris Rice---

Hello Rich and Chris, YES! It did arrive yesterday. I was going to send you an email last night, but to be quite honest, I couldn't put the guitar down! I was up until about 2:30 playing it. I honestly didn't know that a guitar neck could feel so comfortable in my hands. Seriously. I don't even think I need to express how beautiful it is... just amazing. Of course, it will take some getting used to... the body is a bit thinner that my '52 RI tele. But I can see how it will be very comfortable to play either standing or sitting. The finish is spectacular; The neck and fretboard are beyond my dreams. The finish on the back of the neck is still a touch sticky which is to be expected, but it will be nice for me to play it so much that I wear it right in! The neck wood is so stunning and I love the grain and feel of the fretboard; my wife commented on how the abalone dots really contrast and bring out the color of the body. Excellent touch! I love how the tuners are nice and tight and the strings stay in tune! I had to make a very slight adjustment to the low E string as the intonation was just slightly sharp; but the rest of the strings were absolutely perfect. The knobs and switches are perfectly placed and very nice. I just love everything about it! Now... the sound. Seriously, these pickups are AMAZING. How in the world?!? And the tone and volume controls are to die for. They actually work! I've spent so much time adjusting knobs and having a blast. With this guitar, the tone and crunch is so easily adjusted right there at my fingertips! Both pickups are wonderful and I am SO HAPPY that we did this configuration. I love the P90 in the neck position and how it sounds combined with that humbucker. I just love it! And the fact that you have two split single coil sounds from the bridge makes it so versatile. These pickups are truly awesome. As I write this, I'm actually wishing I had your electronics installed in my other guitars. My clean sound is quite lovely (kudos to your pickups). This guitar is just so responsive and sounds GREAT! I can tell that you put a ton of effort into these controls. They blend so nicely!! I'm glad I can send you my other gear for a tune up. I probably won't need to do that for a while as I'm not going to be picking the others up for quite some time! :) I truly appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making this spectacular instrument. I love it! I look forward to chatting with you soon. - Michael
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