Rice Custom Guitars
"At the intersection of art and craft is where you find an instrument
that speaks to you; one that can connect your heart to your music."

Rice Custom Guitars is a family owned musical instrument company, and we
strive to build instruments that rival and surpass the finest pieces ever made.
Every Rice Custom is handmade in Chicago by Chris and Rich Rice.

The vast majority of our instruments are built to order, and we work closely with our
clients to create their ultimate instrument. Being a true custom shop, we are not bound
to existing styles or ideas, and this is certainly the way dreams are turned into reality.

"Ready to hear the Truth? Play a Rice Custom."
---Rich Rice---Chris Rice---

I have owned lots of Fender Teles, lots of G&L ASATs, and plenty of teles by other custom makers. But my favorites of all are Rice Custom Guitars teles. I tend to rotate my gear pretty often so I can keep on getting new ones, but I always come back to the Rich and Chris (and now Matt with Rice pickups) Rice offerings. Rice guitars always make me feel like I bought something from a master craftsman in old world Austria or something like that. These guitars have serious TIME put into their creation. Rich and Chris Rice spend countless hours on the necks, the nuts, electronics, finishes, everything. But it is not just time of course. These guys are both accomplished tele players, and KNOW what a tele is and what they want it to sound like. If you want a vintage sounding tele, man oh man, look no further. My latest Rice is just an awesome guitar. It has finally satisifed my frequent longings for a strat, while playing a tele. This one is a one-piece ash body with Lolllar strat pups, and a gotoh bridge and saddles. It has the famous Rich Rice-shaped fat neck, which are the greatest necks for teles I have ever felt or played. It is such a tremendous instrument. Anyway, the Rices deserve a club here, so pitch in with your pix and comments! - Rice Custom Guitars Owner's Club on TDPRI
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